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I was at the London Web and Minicomix Thing yesterday - full report next week! For today’s strip here is my contribution to this year’s Thing anthology on the theme of ‘Mars’:

Speaking of anthologies, I received my contributor copy of Accent UK’s latest book, WESTERN, in which I have a little five page effort (right at the front!). The Accent team’s books always have very high production values and this one is no exception - congratulations to Dave, Colin and Andy on a wonderful looking book. Contributors include Kate Brown, Leah Moore and John Reppion, Dwight MacPherson, Kieron Gillen, David Baillie, Will Kirkby and loads of other people of quality! It can be bought at the Accent website here or catch the team at pretty much all the major conventions in the UK over the year. A preview of my story can be seen here.
Tozo’s adventures continue next week.

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