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Celebrating the baby cheeses

nomnomnomSumptious savouries</p>

I’m certainly no expert on the subject but cheese is a huge favourite of mine. Aside from the eating experience there is much to like visually about cheese. I love the range of colours, particularly the pastel oranges of many of the English varieties and the suitably milky whites and creams of the softer French cheeses. Then there are the wonderful textures from hard marble-like slabs to soft, crumbly drifts and flakes to dripping, glistening ooze. The delicate cobwebby threads of brilliant green-blue mould woven throughout blue cheeses – mouthwatering fungal artistry.

This Christmas we have chomped our way through:

  • 1 truckle of Snowdonia Cheese company ‘Red Devil’ Red Leicester with chilli and pepper;

  • 1 truckle of ‘Black Bomber’ extra mature cheddar from the aforementioned company;

  • 250g brie;

  • 500g stilton;

  • 250g edam (yuck – in two-and-half years of living in Amsterdam, I never saw this sold anywhere in the Netherlands outside of the airport);

  • 100g of some smoked cheese which had the label missing.

This has resulted in some spectacular dreaming of late (is there really a link between cheese and dreams? I must look that up), with much material ripe for the manufacture of some fun comics, I’m thinking.

Cheesey comic links:

Some journal comics from Lucy Knisely about working in a cheese shop (possibly my dream job): 1, 2

Evan Dorkin’s Milk and Cheese vs The Furries. Witness the true power of dairy products.

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