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Nine characters in search of a timeslot


Some characters from various different projects I seem to find myself working on simultaneously – some in the pipeline, others may never see the light of day. All good fun, though.

I’ve realised that one project I’ve not actually mentioned on my own blog is ink+PAPER, a comic magazine I’m editing and publishing, due out in November. I’ll do a proper post on its origins at some point over on i+P blog but for now go and click on the links of some of the people who are taking part – there’s lots of good stuff there and I’m very excited about this particular enterprise. The response has been gratifyingly warm – it seems to be an idea with which people have really connected. More on that in months to come.

In the nearer future, a couple of events: New Cross Turn Left (above) – a comics garden party in the south London neighbourhood of the same name, initiated by Ellen Lindner. It’s free entry and there’ll be comics, cake and even a bit of theatre: the premier of the play, “Derek The Sheep and The Quest for the Googly Glasses” written by Gary Northfield.

Then at the beginning of August comes Caption, the Oxford comics festival. This year’s official t-shirt (above) is now available for pre-order: details here. It’s proving quite popular, so get yours now. There are loads of great guests coming to Caption – including the one and only Paul Gravett. It’ll be my pleasure to interview him, something I’m really looking forward to doing, though the thought of doing it live is a bit scary. Luckily Paul is full of great tales so it should be fun.

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